2010 Speech Contest Winners

Congratulations to Alina M and Darcy B for participating and placing in a local immigration essay contest.  Both students used their everyday observations to compose written pieces expressing how immigration influences their lives and our country as a whole.  Both 6th graders had the opportunity to read their compositions at a conference for immigration attorneys, impressing everyone with their thoughtful responses!

Alina placed second in the contest and wrote a poem about her father, a native of Paraguay, and his achievements in the medical world.  Alina used her poem to express her personal connections to immigration, while discussing the importance of embracing our country as a melting pot of cultures.

Darcy placed third in the competition and wrote an essay about her own observations of immigration in our country.  Darcy discussed her personal connection to immigration through her favorite foods that originated in other countries, and also noted that if it weren’t for immigration, she would not have the opportunity to learn foreign languages in school.

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