World Language Updates

Commitment to World Language Learning

Country Day School has always supported the importance of students learning other languages. All students from 2 years old to 8th grade receive instruction in Spanish and Chinese. English, Spanish and Chinese are the most utilized languages in the world. Students with foundations in these languages will have substantial advantages over their peers in the future.

Country Day is committed to being a leader in the use of best practices in teaching world languages. Under the direction of Mrs. Fran Siracusa, we have been testing various web 2.0 learning tools that will support individualized curriculum and be congruent with our overall program. We are now very excited to announce the next phase of our World Language program!

New Program

Country Day will be one of the first schools in Florida to incorporate a school wide site license with Rosetta Stone’s e-learning curriculum covering all languages including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Greek, Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Persian (Farsi), Swedish, Latin, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Turkish. Our core World Language curriculum will continue to be Spanish and Chinese. However, we will now be able to offer the motivated student the opportunity to learn other languages as well.

Individualized Curriculum

With the utilization of this new technology we will be able to have each student’s learning be individualized to their level and pace. They will have secured web access to the curriculum 24 hours a day from home or school. The program will use advanced speech recognition technology that engages the student in lifelike conversations that let them produce spoken or written sentences from words and phrases they’ve learned. Our teachers will integrate this program with other technology applications and group activities. A curriculum editor lets our teachers customize the Rosetta content for individual or class development needs. Additionally, our teachers will use advanced administrative mapping tools to monitor student progress and provide individualized coaching.

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