Target Visiting Artists Program

On Thursday, January 26, 2012, Country Day School will launch the Target Visiting Artists Program! Our first Visiting Artist will be Jennifer Kosharek of Eve n’ Odd Gallery in St. Petersburg.

Jennifer Kosharek is a local artist who creates everything from whimsical handmade rag dolls to beautiful mailart to silly felt bacon and eggs scarves. She is a full time artist and mother of three. Her gallery, Eve n’ Odd, is located on the 600 Block of St. Petersburg, a large community of artists’ galleries and studios in downtown St. Petersburg. Kosherak has exhibited in numerous exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally.

Eve n’ Odd Gallery features outsider, whimsical, folk, Etsy, mailart, fluxus, emo, and handmade art. Most of the art featured in her gallery is created by local artists, but she also features artwork by artists from all over the world. Every month, the gallery participates in Downtown St. Petersburg’s Gallery Hop on the Second Saturday of the month and hosts unique art exhibitions, such as the recent T-Shirt Show in January and the upcoming Hipstaprint/ One Year Anniversary Show in February. You can learn more about Eve n’ Odd Gallery and Jennifer Kosherak on her Eve n’ Odd Gallery FaceBook page or her website:

The classes that will be participating in the Visiting Artist’s Workshops will be:
12:30-1:15pm 1st Grade (Group A)
1:15-2:00pm 4th Grade
2:00-2:45pm 5th Grade
2:45-3:30pm Open Session for Middle School Students

We will continue to host 1-2 artists each month throughout the school year and into the summer. The Visiting Artists will talk to students about careers in the arts, let students see examples of their work, and lead hands-on arts workshops. Different classes will be selected each time to participate in the workshops.

Country Day School’s Visiting Artists Program is sponsored by an Arts Education Grant from Target. Target believes that music, art, dance, drama and visual arts are all part of the well-rounded education our kids deserve. Through their grants, Target helps schools bring more arts and culture into the classroom, enabling them to expand their creativity and their horizons.

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